Zelda II The Adventure of Link Overworld Poster

This poster is of the overworld from Zelda II The Adventure of Link for the Nintendo Entertainment System! All locations, items and secrets are shown on this map.

The land of Hyrule is in chaos.  As Link you'll be sent on a treacherous journey to return six precious Crystals to their origins in six stone statues.  Only by defeating the guardians of the six palaces will you gain passage to the seventh Palace, take on the ultimate challenge that awaits you and wake the Princess Zelda from her sleeping spell.  On your way, helpful villagers you encounter will offer clues and secret messages invaluable in your quest.  As you guide Link through the levels of Hyrule, close-ups and overviews will enhance your video vision.  Are you up to the challenge?

  • Printed on high quality glossy paper
  • Great decoration for any gaming room
  • Makes the perfect gift for any classic gamer
  • $4.99 shipping in the US / Canada no matter how many posters are ordered
  • $10.00 shipping in all other countries no matter how many posters are ordered
  • Rolled up and shipped in a protective shipping tube so it arrives safely with no fold marks

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