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Track Level Preview Image Size Image Type
Track 1 Excitebike Track 1 Map Thumb 13 KB
6400 x 192
Track 2 Excitebike Track 2 Map Thumb 13 KB
5905 x 192
Track 3 Excitebike Track 3 Map Thumb 14 KB
6928 x 192
Track 4 Excitebike Track 4 Map Thumb 15 KB
7040 x 192
Track 5 Excitebike Track 5 Map Thumb 15 KB
6264 x 192


Excitebike Box Cover Front


Design your own motocross course for a different racing challenge every time!

This thrilling Nintendo Programmable game lets you vary the obstacles, change the sequence of events, and increase the racing challenge time and time again!

You'll start out in a Nintendo designed preliminary race, and move through a series of increasingly difficult challenge races! You'll face crazy curves, hairpin turns, daredevil jumps, and some very fierce motocross competition, as you race your bike towards the checkered flag. This thrilling test of driving strategy and skill will keep you riveted to the screen for hours!

Excitebike Box Cover Back



  1. Alternate Music: Reset the NES during game play to hear alternate music at the title screen and in the game.


Game Genie Codes

1. SXXTYUVV Never overheat
2. YEXIKOYA Recover fast after crashes
3. ENUKGEAP + GESGPALA Turbo speed on 'A' button
4. EVUKGEAP + TESGPALA Mega turbo speed on 'A' button
5. PEXIEZLA Reduced enemy bikes in game B
6. AAUSEYAO Timer runs at half speed
7. GAUSEYAP Timer runs at quarter speed
Excitebike is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. 0069 01 Freeze the seconds place of the timer
2. 0068 00 Freeze the minutes place of the timer


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