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Overworld Map

Zelda II Overworld 156 KB PNG

1. North Palace

Starting Area

Zelda II Start 5 KB PNG

5. Parapa Palace

Palace 1 - Get Candle here.

Zelda II Level 1 Boss 53 KB PNG

12. Midoro Palace

Palace 2
Get Magic Glove here.

Zelda II Level 2 Boss 64 KB PNG

21. Island Palace

Palace 3
Get Raft here.

Zelda II Level 3 Boss 51 KB PNG

29. Maze Palace

Palace 4
Get Winged Boots here.

Zelda II Level 4 Boss 57 KB PNG

31. Palace on the Sea

Palace 5
Get Flutre here.

Zelda II Level 5 Boss 84 KB PNG

38. Three-Eye Rock Palace

Palace 6
Get Cross here.

Zelda II Level 6 Boss 102 KB PNG

39. Great Palace

Palace 7

Zelda II Level 7 Boss 207 KB PNG


Zelda II The Adventure of Link Box Cover Front

The Adventure of LINK

The Hyrule fantasy continues....

The land of Hyrule is in chaos. As Link, you'll be sent on a treacherous journey to return six precious Crystals to their origins in six stone statues. Only by defeating the guardians of the six palaces will you gain passage to the seventh palace, take on the ultimate challenge that awaits you, and wake the Princess Zelda from her sleeping Spell. On your way, helpful villagers you encounter will offer clues and secret messages invaluable in your quest. As you guide Link through the levels of Hyrule, close-ups and overviews will enhance your vides vision. Are you up to the challenge?

In the tradition of the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link is one of the most challenging video games we've ever created. To help you keep up with the action, Nintendo's exclusive Extended Playing Power means LINK is programmed to remember everything you find on your journey, so you never have to start your search empty-handed.

Zelda II The Adventure of Link Box Cover Back



  1. Avoid Battle Scenes from Tiles: To skip battles that activate by stepping on a tile in the Overworld, wait in front of the tile until monsters appear. Time it so you step into the monster just as it is on the tile that contains the battle you want to skip. This will activate the battle for the monster and not the one from the tile. This works great when going to the Great Palace.

  2. Quick Death: Pause the game and press Up + A at the same time on controller 2 to go to the save screen. This works well if you need to save the game, but don't want to die to do it. This also won't count as a death.

  3. Get Through Locked Door Without a Key: Once you obtain the Fairy spell, you can turn into a fairy and fly through the keyhole of a locked door without needing a key.

  4. Earn Lots of Experience For a New Character: First select a character who is towards the end of the game, but has not completed all the palaces yet. Finish a palace and insert the gem. Once the experience points start to total up, quickly pause the game and preform the "Quick Death" trick. After saving your game go to the title screen and load your new character. All of the experience points that should have gone to the advanced character will now go to the new one.

Game Genie Codes

1. SZKGKXVK Link(tm) has infinite lives
2. PASKPLLA Link starts with 1 life
3. TASKPLLA Link starts with 6 lives
4. PASKPLLE Link starts with 9 lives
5. AZUOLIAL Mega-jump
6. OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fire spell
7. LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Spell spell
8. LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Fairy spell
9. IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield spell for Life spell
10. VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield spell for Thunder spell
Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Link are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.


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